Travis Gerrits - Athlete (Aerial Skiing) - Class of 2020

 Born and raised in Milton, Travis Gerrits' sporting journey is one of incredible heights. From local gymnastics to the Olympics in Russia, Travis never forgot his roots.
Travis' fearless career began to gain momentum in the mid 2000s on the Nor-Am circuit after a series of podium finishes catapulted him into the World Cup. By 2011 his talent put Milton on the map, and Travis was Fédération Internationale de Ski Rookie of the Year. 
His global career took flight during the spring of 2013. Travis secured two World Cup second place finishes and achieved an impressive World Championship silver in Norway. With his second place result at Worlds, Travis qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics, where he represented Canada with a 7th place finish. 
Never one to wilt under the brightest lights, Travis took centre stage at China's 90,000 seat national stadium, the Bird's Nest, in December 2013. Performing a perfect quadruple twisting, triple flip on his final jump, Travis not only won gold, but he secured the circuit's prestigious yellow bib as World Cup leader. 
Throughout his remarkable career Travis battled and overcame numerous injuries. In his post career life, he is an outspoken Canadian mental health advocate.