Scott Hogarth - Athlete (Martial Arts) - Class of 2016

If there's an honour to be had in the world of martial arts, chances are pretty good Scott Hogarth has enjoyed it.

Running his Fighting Griffin Martial Arts Club for more than 35 years with wife and fellow martial arts master Tammy, he's an 11-time world champion - having secured back to back titles in 1992 and 1993.

A black belt in seven different forms of martial arts, Hogarth focuses on traditional Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate and Hap Ki Jitsu at his dojo. 

His martial arts prowess and unique look have also given him the opportunity to be part of 10 action movies as an actor, stuntman and fight choreographer. Among those he's worked with is industry icon Billy Blanks.

His resume includes awards almost too numerous to mention. Most notably are his Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame induction and Lifetime Achievement Award and his Sport Karate Museum Dragon Image Fighting Award.

Having studied in Okinawa - his adopted homeland - Hogarth is part of a martial arts training lineage that dates back to the mid-1800s.