Milton Oldstars Hockey Club - Builder (Hockey) - Class of 2023

In the winter of 1980-81 the “team from Milton” made their debut in a hockey tournament in eastern Ontario. The Milton Oldstars Hockey Club, as they came to be known, was made up of a mix of players of varying ability. However, they banded together to find success in their first tournament.

Besides their athletic ability, what became much more apparent was the group’s desire to make a difference in the community.

Rockwell International’s Milton plant general manager, Bruce Dolson, heard about the initiative at the time and provided hockey equipment to the entire team in the form of a sponsorship, on the condition that the team commit to find ways to raise funds for local community causes, particularly the hospital.

Fast forward, and over the years numerous local businesses have come and gone with their own sponsorship of the Oldstars, contributing vitally to the team’s pay-it-forward mission. Through it all the Oldstars have stayed true to that initial vision.

That charitable spirit evolved to support such diverse causes as healthcare, local sports teams, various worthy organizations and even individual causes. Nothing is too big or too small, even young players quietly needing a helping hand with sports registration fees.

In 2009, the Milton Chamber of Commerce recognized the Oldstars as Fundraising Organization of the Year.

The Milton Oldstars Hockey Club has remained dedicated to fundraising via annual invitational charity hockey and golf tournaments. In all, the donations made by the club now exceed $1 million and the group has represented Milton across Ontario.