Keith Pearce - Builder (Football) - Class of 2022

Keith Pearce began working at Milton District High School (MDHS) in 1986, and he instantly recognized a void in not only his school’s athletic offerings, but also within the Town of Milton.

Initially working alongside Keith Swarbrick and Doug Foley with the existing Junior squad, which was seeing success, Coach Pearce set to work at MDHS on building up Milton’s first truly successful, organized Senior football program. His first steps were to reinstate the school’s inactive senior team.

At the outset, Keith’s goals were lofty considering that no other secondary school in Milton had a senior-level football program, and there were no minor football organizations either. Thus began a labour of love each season that saw Keith methodically start each year with sessions on how to put equipment on, the game’s rules, positions, and other idiosyncrasies.

Over the next 30-plus years, Keith’s grassroots efforts sprung to life, germinating an idea into a reality for hundreds of Milton youth who felt like they finally had a place where they could grow, flourish, and belong. That was in the “Blue and White” team colours.

“The Mustang Brotherhood,” as it came to be known, won four Senior titles and was a finalist eight times under the leadership of Coach Pearce and his successful coaching staff over the years. The Mustang football factory churned out countless university football graduates – some of them All-Canadian All-Stars, a few of them Canadian Football League players. All of them thankful for Keith’s guidance, direction, and mentorship.