David Anderson - Athlete (Lawn Bowling) - Class of 2023

Milton has been and is the origin for numerous homegrown high performance athletes, but just as important has been the town’s allure to those seeking a new place to hone their craft and grow their sport.

Hailing from St. Lambert, Quebec, where he got his start bowling with his grandfather at age 9, David Anderson moved to Milton in the year 2000. One of the deciding factors for his move was the fact that he felt the Milton Lawn Bowling Club was not only progressive, but also open to his drive to promote lawn bowling as a true sport.

Arriving in town with a resume that already included his first provincial title at age 16 and multiple trips to the Canadian National Championships, the Milton Club quickly embraced its new star with a sense of gratitude and pride. Over the last 20 years, that appreciation for David’s accomplishments has only grown.

In his quest to not only nurture the game, but also to elevate it, David has conquered all of the various lawn bowling disciplines, winning several provincial and national medals in each.

For over a decade David played for the Canadian national team, putting him into action with the world’s best players at the sport’s highest levels.

While David was recently recognized by the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association Hall of Fame in 2019, he continues to compete provincially and nationally.