Carole Murray - Builder (Swimming) - Class of 2016

When longtime Miltonians think back on their town's swimming history, one name comes immediately to mind, Carole Murray. 

In 1973 Carole and her family moved to Milton. In the fall of 1974 Murray began teaching swimming lessons and became the head coach of the Milton Swim Team. 

In 1985 Carole established and coached the Milton Masters Swim Team.

For the next 35 years Murray would spend her days at the pool. First at the Ontario School for the Deaf High School and later at her own Bronte Street facility. 

Under Murray's leadership, the competitive team would enjoy plenty of success, including winning the Bell Canada championship trophy three years in a row.

A strong sense of community saw her and her athletes swim an incredible 10,000 laps in support of the 1984 hospital expansion. 

During the 1988 Calgary Olympics, Coach Carole received the "Coach of the Year 1988" medal for her dedication and leadership.